Sunday, February 5, 2012

EVENT: Dong Tam Martial Arts @ Sydney Twilight Parade

Its been like forever since I've delved into the world of martial arts. After Maximum Choppage: Round 2, Downtown Rumble and ongoing Quest for Jackie Chan!, I'm still itching for to see some more martial action. What better place to go to is the local Dong Tam Youth Martial Arts Association (1 min from my home!).
Introducing Trung Ly (whom I bumped into time and time again throughout the Vietnamese community), who is the head of Dong Tam and the forefront of this long running dynamo team.

From what I know, Dong Tam Youth Martial Arts Association is one of the oldest in Western Sydney and largest Vietnamese martial arts school in Australia. They specialise in traditional martial arts ranging from Shaolin, Kung Fu, Karate, Judo, Hapkido, Tae kwon do and kick boxing. Their specialised class is XMA (Xtreme Martial Arts) and Dong Tam is well known for its lion dancing performances across Sydney.

Anyhow, check out their involvement in this year's City of Sydney Twilight Parade via the clip that I filmed (with my camera team) and edited below.

For more info, check out their site They are Fairfield based (New South Wales, Australia).

Here's my film buddy, Adrian Castro's BLOGCAM version.

Below is a few photos of the night.

CAMERA CREW: Maria Tran, Adrian Castro, Shaun Cheng, Lorrie Peduto & Emily Wong
EQUIPMENT: David Minh Tam Nguyen, Khoa Nguyen
EDITED BY: Maria Tran
PERFORMANCE TEAM: Tony Minh Tri Pham, Jimmy James Pham, David Nguyen, Tony Nguyen, Lily Phan, Tony Phan, Peter Phan, Thien Nguyen, Charles Lu, David Truong, Ian Tran, Jimmy Tran, Lisa Tran, Katherine Ho, Jonathan Truong, Alan Tran, William Nguyen, Martin Ha, Sarah Ngo, Peter Lam, Jessica Sen, Jimmy Tran #2, Stephanie Ho, Christian Hernandez, Caitlin Vo, Bradley Tran, Andy Truong, Khanh Lam, Joanna Tram, Son Dang, Suzanne Thai, Jenny Huynh, Ronald Nguyen, Christina Doan, Sean Truong, Johnny Nguyen, Wattanak Sam, Jimmy Nguyen, Anna Le, Kevin Doan, Bill Nguyen.


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