Saturday, October 17, 2009

Vietlish encounters Haunted House in Garden Grove, OC.

Myself and Vietlish best buddy Joseph Hieu have had countless crazy adventures ever since our first meeting at 2008 Tet Festival, Sydney. But none has matched up to our up close and personal account with another kind from the third dimension since that night we set foot on the alleged haunted house in Orange County.

“Haunted?" you asked. What does that mean? And yes that was something we both would laugh at, nervously. I mean, there are many other things that we can discuss when Team Vietlish get together, like mc-ing, business ventures, random video clips, skits, script development, guerrilla tactics… Richard Branson…but ghosts, apparitions, supernatural, paranormal, poltergist?

Now, we have both returned home to Sydney and myself, I’m in the comfy space of my desk by the balcony window writing this reflective entry at the late hours of 11pm on a Saturday night. To some, this should be an unmentioned blog entry, but I do hope for others, we can appreciate what we've got on this planet and that we are still alive in the physical dimension.

The Case
There’s not much solid documentation about this case. In fact, we couldn’t find actual articles that retold the rumoured tragedy that spiralled a series of unfortunate events, unexplained mishaps and inconvenient deaths that is directly associated with this house.

But here are some of the stories that have been woven by the local residents who have known that area.

Story no. 1 – Hit-and-run of a female pedesterian.
The story goes that a woman was crossing the street on the corner of Eulcid Ave and Hazard St and was hit by a car, which then the driver took off, leaving her unattended. She was severely injured as a result and crawled across the street to the nearest house in seek of help. She reached the nearest house, tried to call out for help but nobody came to her aid. She was found dead at the front entrance of this house. She was also pregnant at that time.

Story no. 2 – Truck ploughs into the house
The story goes that an accident occurred resulting in the death of a family whom lived at the house while they were driving home to their house on the corner of Eulcid Ave and Hazard St.

So what has happened since the incident?
The house was sold over the years and was in possession of several owners, who've all complained about hearing errie noises and witnessing unexplained and uninviting events. All tenants moved out of the house and even till today, the house remains empty.

There was another death incident that occurred after the unexplained mishaps. The decision was to knock down the house, however during the construction of the current home, a worker fell from the roof to his untimely demise.

Other locals have noted that the presence have been known to affect other properties as well, the liquor store close by, other houses nearby that have drove tenants living near the vicinity of this house to move out.

Our experiences?
Well, you know me, I can’t resist living with my feline curiousity and my influential nature has always gotten the better of renown scaredy cat pal Joseph. So on Monday 5th Oct, 2009 (8pm) I narrowly convinced Joseph to drive to the local property for a quick check.

Joseph dropped me off two houses earlier to the property and I walked the way to have my first physical encounter of this unique house.

I have to say, the street was super dead quite, not a living sound just a strange thick humming above my head, which could have easily been reasoned by the overhead powerlines. The house itself, had its mouth wide open-a stainless steel gate that had an unwelcoming feel to it-and such magnificent bright lights were streaming out, both upstairs and downstairs and even through the garage. I casually strolled up to the front door, tempted to knock to find out who is occupying such a home, and to find out if it is necessary for them to waste such electrical resources without an obvious reason.
I did note that upstairs there was a shrine of worship of some sort, I couldn’t make out what it was. Jesus? Not certain.
The truth was, I kind of felt a little disappointed, the haunted house on Euclid Ave seem less scary as the local have yarned it out to be.
Meanwhile, chicken of the night, Joseph slowly rolled his car to past the house, and signaled me to quickly get into the car so we can make our grand escape from Deadsville.

That night while we slept at Saigon Inn, things didn’t seem quite right.

A couple of things happened. I had a few weird bouts of moments where I literally couldn’t move myself, an invisible strong pressure on my body forcing me on the bed. I broke free several times, but would lapse back into sleep only to undergo the same thing. At times, I recall whispers in my right ear. But in general, I come from a pretty rational background and I’d still attribute those accounts to fatigue, tiredness and lack of sleep.

Joseph, in the morning, reaccounted dreaming of a shadowy figure that stood over him. But again, he was sure of how to react – whether dream or not, so instead passed it over.

Our following nights ceased to be normal, we encounted strange unaccounted knocks, bathroom noises, plumbing issues such as water turning on and off and ever now and the our lamps would sway like if there was wind passing through room–when neither the window nor doors were open.

The final straw of coincidence is when we ate a late dinner at Pho Thanh Long – Bolsa Ave and during that time a strange old lady came straight to us, insisting that we buy a bunch of flowers. Joseph, proving his chivalry, did and the lady left with kind words of bidding us happiness. Her final errie suggestion was that this bouquet of flowers were appropriate for an alter. She quickly huddled away and I was left with a reasonable image of returning to the house, a tingling feeling down my spine and a question mark in my head.

I told Joseph what I felt, I even called upon the waiter to enquire about the flower seller and her relations with the resturant. He even noted (without a clue) that there was a strangeness about the woman and that she had seen something.

Everything began to urge me to visit the house again, at the wee hours of 2am. Joseph resisted. He said no repeatedly. We paid the bill and left the resturant. We decided to go on a walk and debate the issue further. Coincidences began to further emerge. Each time Joseph walked past a lamppost, the lights would turn off.

Luckily, our new found muso friend Tony T. Nguyen, called and we made arrangements so that he could join us to lessen the fear factor on Joseph’s part.

Joseph nervously drove to the property, I could tell that he was nervous. He was singing random Thuy Nga – Paris By Night songs in such a haphazard manner and at inconsistent volumes.

We stopped at the front and I jumped out. This time, the house looked very different. There were no lights and the gates were bound shut. There was a moment in my head when I wanted to jump the gate, but I didn’t. At 2am, I decided to rest the beautiful floral bouquet on the gate.

We jumped back into the car to confirm mission accomplished to the team. Joseph started the car. It didn't work. Joseph repeatedly attempted again and again. Nothing happened. 2am. Parked in front of an alleged ghost house in the middle of nowhere. Perfect horror movie scenario.

“Your gear is not in parked,” Tony commented.

Phew! No ghost business, just Joseph’s stupidity.

We visited the house in the morning to take a picture of it. No flowers. I hoped whoever (or whatever) took it appreciated our efforts.

So that’s the story behind Vietlish and our encounter of the house on Euclid Ave & Hazard St. I’d love to hear what you think. Any similar experiences out there? Any alternative explanations? Email


  1. Very intresting, will make sure to watch out for that house next time I'm in OC. I've also heard that the lady was dying and was crawling towards the liquor store. And also that a friends friend drive past the house one night and saw someone standing at the front door, 2 hours later he drive past it again on his way home and the person was still standing there at around 2am.

  2. SUPER SCARY. O______O

  3. This place sure reminded me of an experience I had indirectly, a pretty odd experience at an odd time... So I go to the temple that is RIGHT next to the used-to-be liquor store ground before it was demolished or torn down, and it was a normal afternoon when I went to the bathroom. The bathroom was located right next to the liquor ground, if you look past the wall dividing it, you would be able to see the two houses as well right across the street. Anywayss, I was in the restroom doing my thing~ and I heard monks chanting in the room that is next to it. The chanting just sound quite soothing so I decided to close my eyes while im doing business. When I opened it though.. a hangar that was hanging in the bathroom shook as if wind blew on it, but this bathroom had a door that I closed shut. Then the lights flickered once and I thought I would have to stay in there longer to start a new business! That's pretty much all my story has to it, your story however is pretty spooky! And really intersting~ O:

  4. theres an old lady that lives in there now.. o_O

  5. I live about 10 house near this..but I hear about the liquor store..on eulcid, there was a guy who work at the liquor store late midnight around 2AM, there was a younge beautiful lady who enter the liquor and at 2AM and purchased candy...and she left ..somehow the guy look at the money is turning into hard he got freak out and becoming crazy..thats why the liquor store is close down..

  6. soo scary i live near there and im only 11

  7. i live on euclid and harzard i use to go to irvine school walk home and pass that house berfore it was the house it is now i would cross the the street go to the a1 liquor store to get candy or sumthin to drink i live 2 house a way from there i allways wondered what happend to that liquor store i look it up and fine these site saying that euclid and hazard is haunted great now im freaked out even more living here i see and hear enough weird strange noise here at my house ive lived here all my life and im barely hearing this now thats sad well my neighbor hears and sees things at her house ever since her aunt killed herself there at her house i cant wait to tell my neighbor why the liquor store not there anymore

  8. well rip to that lady and her unborn child that died there on euclid and hazard and rip to alice and the teacher that died at my favorite school santa ana high school and also to the babies that r buried in the mausoluem at the fairven cementery in santa ana and that man that killed himself on the steps of the mausoluem fairhaven cementery and rip to that girl that died at garden grove high school and all then people at disneyland the most happiest place on earth rest in piece michael jackson sid vicious n nancy spurgeon and one more kurt cobain justice for all

  9. i will report any weird activite i see when i pass or go to that house on euclid and hazard it sad and a shame how she and her unborn child died if any one has anymore info on her and where she is buried at please tell me i like to pay my respects thank you email me at or i know its long

  10. I have seen people are living in that house. I pass by this house every day. I see cars in parkinglot and sometime no one in there.


  12. My Godmother lives right in front of Irvine Middle school! Every time I pass the corner house on Euclid and Hazard I See Something weird going on in that house! it's scary walking and driving by that house at night!

    1. Like what? People living their lives and ignoring stalkers like you? When was it ever ok to walk around Garden Grove at night? Don't be fucking stupid.

  13. i live on hazard yur's a ghetto populated city, nothing gonna happen round ma hood


  15. we were just talking about this story when my friend was talking about how she saw a pregnant lady standing at the corner in a green dress at 11pm couple of years back... as we were reading the first story she read the last part how she died pregnant.

    so i believe the first story was real..

  16. I go to school @ irvine and welll there akways something tjat call my attention lile u could feel negative energy or something imma go today at night

  17. Guys.

    I have been living in a neighborhood that is two minutes away by car, roughly 8 minutes away by foot. That place is not haunted. In fact, it is owned by a very pleasant family who has a kid that attends my High School, La Quinta.

    I pass by it every day by the earliest of mornings (5am) and... by the 12pm. Nothing eerie, nothing wrong. There are toooo many stories that don't seem to make sense at all.

  18. I been living around this neighborhood most of my life. I remembered when i was 10 yrs old; which is 17 yrs ago. I came up to the house and ask for a permission if i can have some of the guavas that was grown in the backyard of the house. I knocked on the door, i waited pretty long until a black man opened the door. I asked him if i can have some guavas. He said "Yes, but you must leave immediately after you're done." I replied "sure, is this house haunted?" He then slammed the door at me and that is the reason why I remember to vividly. I can draw the original house if you want me to.. I remember there was a A-1 liquor across the street. Since the house was knocked down. A-1 business was going down hill. many people say the owner experience multiple activities going on after the house being knocked down. Think about it, A-1 liquor were doing so well because intermediate school is so near by. Students would go there in - out. I remembered i would have to wait in line to get into the liquor. the owner allowed 10 students at a time. A-1 liquir is no longer there. Now you can say the land is now available is haunted..... if you want to know more about it. you can email me

  19. You're fuckin' retarded. Really? A steel gate felt "unwelcome"? I've lived in the heart of Garden Grove for way to long to hear about this bullshit. You didn't even go in the house. All you did was knock and leave 5 minutes later and all of a sudden you felt someone pressuring you onto the bed, water turning on and off by itself? You completely took everything out of context to make it sound like it was the scariest shit of your life. "The gate was bound shut" and saying the houses lights were like a shrine? LOL. Some strong ass weed you were smokin' before your "ghost adventures".

  20. I used to live around this area and went to the elementary school back in 1993 and now I have moved back. It does bring back memories and I still remember the A-1 store and that shabby two story house that stands idle across of the A-1 store. There was a riot once at the A-1 store and I remember the noises coming from the streets that night. The store was boarded up couple years after and the house was took down. Passing by that house over the years of my childhood it was always odd and creepy to me as if it tries to catch peoples attention. There was a very creepy hotel complex I also remember that was near the elementary school on Newhope but now its a temple. That building I find it most disturbing because over the years it was never been in use that it was all boarded up and there was a particular window that was always open on the left side of the building that you can see the curtains hanging out from it. I sometimes wonder if someone was looking out from there. But I would recommend everyone not to come near those places where the decease still lingers that they will try to get your attention and follow you all the way home. :D

  21. I live in this house and it is not haunted ! I don't want people peaking through my house, next person I see I'm calling the police .

  22. I went to school off of Mcfadden and Euclid in the early 90's, every day we would take the route from garden grove to santa ana. 2 houses always stood out on each side of Euclid/Hazard. I couldnt find pix of either. but know that the story told here was one I heard 20 yrs ago. the house in the photo is def not the same house when the tragedy occured. A picture of the Old house is what this story needs... it was creepy.

  23. The street between Ward and Euclid on hazard have alot of weird fuking activity. I usually pass this house 3 times a week at 3-4am. Man, I'm not afraid of ghost but damn. It's getting to the point where I'm taking Westminster street instead of hazard. Last thing I saw was a fuking car going 100 miles from a far distant then tail gating me to the hunted house. I chk my mirror to see whether it's a cop cuz I got pulled over recently for speeding. Anyway, while I was looking at the car, to see whether it was a cop or not, it js disappeared. There was no sign of it and no where the car can turn into other than the hunted house or the other new house beside it. Even if it turn off the headlight, I would still see it as the street isn't so dark at night. I've seen alot of other weird such as white doves in the middle of the street and shadows. And for the dude that claim it's his house and shit on the top post. GL bro!! Maybe ur house is ghost free, but the street in front of u isn't

  24. I got to a Vietnamese Youth group and we had camp one time. We went one day early and at night one of the instructors told us about the Hazard house. Apparently the house was buried on an old Indian burial ground and had been having supernatural activity for a while but the main thing that stood out was the woman. She was hit and died on at the house. They say if you it's night and there is absolutely no one on the street and you stop on a stop light right next to the house, YOU ABSOLUTELY DON"T STOP. My instructor said that when people do the light will take longer than usually and if you do stop, don't turn around or look anywhere but ahead.He said if you look towards the house you'll see a woman covered in blood crawl towards you and if you look in the back seat a family from the fire will be sitting there.

    1. fucking idiot. I drive at all hours of the fucking night and early morning. Stopped at the cross section of Euclid and such fucking occurs...a bunch of bored bitches making shit up. I have respect for the dead and don't go around making shit up. Maybe you motherfuckers deserved to be scared. Fucking assholes.

  25. This is a crock of shit. Sorry, I was born and raised in Westminster, CA. I know the streets of Little Saigon like the back of my hand. The house is creepy in it's original form, yea. But now that it's been rebuilt, there's a normal family living there and gatherings occurring during the holidays. Stop making up bullshit about some old lady selling flowers. She's been selling flowers since the fucking 1990's and she ain't broke either or anything of a medium. Her fucking kids graduated from pharmacy school and med school. Nothing creepy about the flower lady. I don't understand why some fucking people like you have to make up bullshit for? Why? Do you lack love and attention growing up? WTF? Seriously, you Viet cunt, why are you exaggerating shit for?

  26. OMG, are you all gone out of your head and cant judge for yourself if the any of these stories make any sense? come on's started out with kids' from nearby school making up stuffs to scare one another but the house itself (both past and present ) has no history. From what I know, the homeowner have no problem living in there. However, by spreading out lies you are hurting innocent people and their property. Have you no heart? I'm sure this is somebody's dream house and maybe this is all their savings that they can afford to build something for their lives and thanks to the lies you're spreading, they probably can't enjoy the fruit of their labor and even feel like getting punished for the hard work. You should redeeem your guilt by telling everyone you know that this is a hoax , and it's the truth also. And you should leave them alone for them to start enjoying what they've been working so hard for. It's the right thing to do for a human being with a conscience .