Saturday, August 30, 2014

THEATRE: "It's War!" Written/ Directed by Alex Lykos

When I first heard of this project, I was a little reluctant to get on board. There's plenty of wannabe theatre makers out there that keep on making content that just don't gel with audiences....entertainment them....or at least is thought provoking.

Also, there's just not much going around from ethnic artists that tell stories from the inside out, instead of the other way around. Then there's Alex Lykos -- a theatre maker underdoggie champion of the Greek community. His long time success is theatre-turned-movie "Alex & Eve". 

Lykos is quite a humble man. He loves his track-a-dacks but operates like clockwork and there's no airy fairiness when it comes it rehearsal scheduling. His directing style is quite similar to mine, unconventional and quite emotive and I'm in awe on how he works. 

Theatre is a relatively new craft to me. I've done a couple of play before such as facilitating "Aussie Cuoi" with Lex Marinos and a few snippety martial arts based performances. Then there's Playwriting Australia's Lotus Program that I got a chance to get the lowdown in play writing. 

But this play is exciting. I play Vietnamese import "Ngoc Bich" and this is a crazy colourful character that is a reflection of my mum and aunts in a blender.
There's a lot of "Domas" to be heard from my fiesty pocket rocket character, and her wannabe fight stances will sure be a crack up as she tries on several punch ups with her Greek counterpart; Soula. I'm not going to say much more, you have to come to the play.

A couple things I love about this play and commend it for it economics. Small cast, small staging but large stories and a whole lot of wackiness. 

Working with Lykos makes me inspired to get into theatre. Film is my thing, I know; but theatre is so exciting and lived experience. I think my acting has improved exponentially as well! I'm able to digest pages of scripting and present it's truth. No fear. Just character. 
Love it! Do book in to see the show!

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