Monday, September 25, 2017

Filming Legal Aid's "The Knot Family"

Date: 25-27 Sept, 17

25 Sept: It's been a while since I've blogged (a couple of years so to speak) but for my journey and reflection, I shall share my insights and knowledge. I'm currently casted as "Mai Ngo" on a training video and had a fair bit of lines to chew. I must admit, I'm use to being an "action" type of actor but am proud to be able to get in the actor zone, spit out the lines and feel comfortable with the range of emotions. 

26 Sept: Great day on set and acting with Lyn Collingwood (13 years on "Home 'n' Away"). She spoke to me about the lack of diversity on screens and her experiences on acting on Australian TV. She started out acting during her university days. She loves being able to create characters and learns lines well when she's able to grasp the narrative and belief in her lines. Great actors take directions well and hits the mark first/ second time. She spoke about working with Chris Hemsworth and seeing his detail and professionalism. 

So where does that leave me? Well I'm still on my path to becoming an all rounded one day memorable actor with great skill and range. I stumbled into it in 2007; a time when acting was just pulling faces, but I'm now constantly pushing myself onscreen and behind. Time moves fast and forward and I have to keep up the momentum and energy despite opportunities (or lack of) in the film ecosystem. Onwards and upwards!


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