Friday, August 29, 2014

TEACHING: Sutherland Christian Shire School

I love teaching. In between the diverse projects that occupy every moment of my life; my bread and butter from teaching film is a blessing. I had an opportunity to travel all the way to the Shire, work with 14 students in making 3 films: a social twerking mockumentary, a film about the personification of feelings and a futuristic world where everything is in sync.
Teaching is a breathe of fresh air. I get to give kids my tried and tested knowledge and divulge into their own creativity. It gets even more exciting when dull kids are running around and motivated to get all the shots and then plunge into a tight editing deadline.  What's more impressive is when they go out the way to get the highest production value they can get on their 5 hour shoots. 

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  1. Do you enjoy teaching at Sutherland high school. Especially teenagers. You must have to work hard don't you.