Thursday, May 1, 2014

FILM SHOOT: Ch 7's "Australia: The Story of Us"

1 day after the fall of Saigon commemoration, I find myself in an acting gig playing a Vietnamese mother set in the 70s and giving away her baby child in a reenactment scene for Channel 7's "The Story of Us". 

It's been quite sometime since I've sharpened my acting skills; but this gig definitely kick started it.

My directions were to run across the Tarmac with a live baby in my arms and hand it over to the Australian nurses for them to take away; knowing that, that is the final moments I will ever see my son again. Such a heartbreaking scene. 

Years of making shorts, studying psychology and directing indie project finally helped. I understood where the camera set ups were, how to prep myself up, and how create that visual image in my head that will bring the real deal water works out of me...several takes as well. 

No need for the eye droppers people! The real tears is the deal maker. I recall seeing the other cast and director well up as well. I've made an impact; not only to them, but to myself. For the first time, I feel like a legitimate actor and it's a call to action for me to work more harder and understand the mechanics of my internals. I really want to be a great actor; a versatile actor and one that is really memorable. So let this be a start to that thought.


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