Tuesday, February 18, 2014

2014: Kick start with ABC's Maximum Choppage

Post teaching at AFTRS, I nose dived straight into working on Kung fu series in the making Maximum Choppage. The concept spawned out of the original indie feature film that was made 5 years ago in 2008 in Cabramatta with fellow indie filmmaker; Timothy Ly. I was part of this collective and we called ourselves "Rumble Pictures". Since then, one of Australia's leading film production mob; Matchbox Pictures have optioned and developed it into a 6 part series scheduled to air at the end of 2014 on ABC2 starring Lawrence Leung. 

So what am I doing on it? I'm working as an associate producer/ extras casting coordinator as well as a screen fighting double. Thrice of a role but definitely a great variation for me to be on my toes.

It's been 3-4 weeks in this role and my 8am-6pm involves working with the other show producers (Julie Eckersley, Linda Miscko & Sophie Miller) and mediating between all the different departments from Art, locations, fights etc... just to make sure every effort ensures the best possible outcome for the production of the show. In between that, I have to fit in the cardio and martial arts training required for my role as a double. The other biggest chuck is the extras casting and getting it across the Asian community that this is worthwhile and a rarity. How often do you watch shows that you see Asian faces everywhere on Australian TV? Perhaps we are creating history? 

Only 3 days left till we start shoot so I'm definitely excited and nervous at the same time. Once the production train starts, it will be rolling all the way till the end. 
Yeah that me! Fly kickin' and all...