Thursday, March 24, 2011

TEACHING: Canley Vale High School

I've finally wrapped up on a teaching gig at my old school Canley Vale High School ever so proud of the Yr 10 class and their dynamic enthusiasm on the project. These kids started off as quite unsure about the field of filmmaking as the mix were predominately "Asian" with such familial and societal pressures of following the common fields of medicine, law and engineering. But after 8 weeks of my training and activities, it does give me some kicks that the majority of these "youngies" have their minds slightly geared towards acting and/ or filmmaking.

One particular student, J. Nguyen has impressed me with his maturity and eagerness in his pursuit as a film director. He was pedantic about shots, locations and his peer performances on the project. He and P. Tran sacrificed their lunch times and defied their parent's curfews just to get their edits done.

My role became secondary, and I'm glad to have sparked their interested, taken a step back and let their passions run their first film project. Fingers crossed for the submission to the 2011 Shortcuts Film Festival - Western Sydney's only youth film festival.

Speaking of Shortcuts, please do attend if you are in town. I will certainly be there. The details are below:

WHEN: Saturday 9th April @ 7pm

WHERE: School of Arts, 19 Harris St, Fairfield

BOOKINGS: 02 9724 6077 or

COST: $5

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