Friday, December 25, 2009

Science Fiction Martial Arts Flick "Vela 734" - What's Your Thoughts?

Now I’m gonna get to the point, here’s Antony Szeto’s latest developments called:
Sci Fi martial arts - Vela 734. Check out the link below.
So what do you think? Wanna get you comments across to Mr Szeto?
Leave your name, age, area, profession, email and comment at and I'll pass it onto him.
Okies, back to where I am.
Its 1.30am the beginnings of the 26th of Dec, Boxing Day 2009. I’m on the computer formulating the next Vietlish TV! projects, pile and packed away “Vietnamese Storyexchange” past projects and organized “Rumble High” TV series concepts to be posted out at the next available date. Mum’s decided to have an “all night” watching a full dose of senseless midnight movies and making absurd comments about different actors.

But a highlight of the early morning is most probably Mr Szeto’s email revealing his latest developing project in Hong Kong this time, a science fiction martial arts feature flick in pilot mode; Vela 734.
Antony Szeto, once was a Sydney sider, a part of Australian Wushu team has come a very long way in terms of fly kicking into the world of action flicks.

It’s funny how I bumped into this character while on my early morning yellow skin “stalk” campaigns – endlessly googling prominent fellow Asians in Ozland and across the globe and seeing what they’ve been up to, their struggles and triumphs, their ups and downs and their colour preference, somewhere between yellow and white.

Antony has got to be one of the “good” guys on my list and replied to my enquires and rants about “making it”.

But anyhow, back to Mr Szeto.

Antony Szeto, 45 years of age, is currently a film director residing in Hong Kong. Some of his uber cool works include Dragonblade. Check out the trailer here.
This project was pioneering indeed. It was a world's first 3D computer animated martial arts film that sported a range of headline HK actors such as Actors: Karen Mok, Daniel Wu, Doug Baker, Grant Thatcher. A very family friendly film that was set in a fantastical version of the ancient Middle Kingdom, the film follows Lang, a teenage martial arts fanatic, who dreams of one day finding the legendary DragonBlade a weapon of ultimate power which may only be wielded by the pure of heart and noble of spirit.

Unfortunately, I didn’t hear about it when it was released and had to rummaged high and low in all the dingy Asian video stores to find a legit copy to hire.

Next big jump is Wushu (2008) directed by Antony Szeto and produced by Jackie Chan.

Check out the trailer.
Here’s a pic of me with Wushu Wang Fei who was one of the leading actresses of “Wushu” when she was contracted out to Australia and I got a short opportunity to work in the pre-developmental stages of "Shanghai Ladykillers".
It was fun getting to know her, however, most of the time communication was via excessive pointing, hand gestures and facial grimaces. *Lol*. She’s gone back home now and is scheduled to be back next year.
Check out her sick wushu form. All I can say is…jawdropping…..

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