Thursday, April 12, 2012

EVENT: Multicultural Arts Forum 2012 - Screening 'Hot Bread Shop''

Here's another last minute post. I'll be rushing from work to this forum this afternoon to check out the screening of my short film mockumentary "Hot Bread Shop"at the 2012 Multicultural Arts Forum. If I haven't already told you, "Hot Bread Shop" is a short in dedication to my beloved mother, who is, a Hot Bread Shop lady.
Set aside her migrant experiences, this is a story of her own life in her world - the bakery. Actually, to be honest, it was just an experimental kind of project that seems to have more audience interest and good comedic timing laughters than I thought.

Formally screened at the 2011 Colourfest Film Festival, this afternoon it will be brought back into the public eye once more, with the extras of being interviewed by MC Paul Capsis.

But of course, its quite a $$$ to get into this festival, so for those who want to check out my film, click here.

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