Monday, January 27, 2014

FILM SHOOT: Hidden Peaks continues...

It's still happening and such an adventure with this shoot as the team ventured into the Summer Hills mill. When I say into it, I mean inside it and then the epic trek up the steep pigeon crap stairwells to the top.

I made me cameo debut as a reaper's hand, little did I know I had to hang dangerously off the outside stairwells of the mill and grab fellow actor Jack Ngu as he tries to escape. Good times! 

Here some more selfies.... Because it's fun.
Maria & Joe's filmic adventures on "Hidden Peaks"
Director Adrian Castro sports the RED
Say what? Jack and I had to hang dangerously off this

Jack Ngu aims at his target
Slightly fearing the heights
Hand reaper doubling today

Random #2

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