Tuesday, October 30, 2012

UPDATE: Hit Girls - 2 Days Shoot!

"Hit Girls" starring Juju Chan and Maria Tran


Trung Ly as fight choreographer and Adrian Castro as co-director
I hope you are doing well. Just keeping you updated about my guerrilla filmmaking indie short film “Hit Girls” starring Hong Kong celebrity, Juju Chan has underwent 2 intense days of shooting out in Fairfield from the 20-21st of October, 2012.

This fast turnover project (written in late Sept, production in Oct-Nov, editing in Nov and launch in Dec) is solely supported via community donations from as little as $10 is still in need of further support to reach it’s $4,000 target mark. 

Gangster aftermath
Now, did you know that a Hollywood film such as Avatar costed up to $200-$300 million? Hit Girls is only seeking up to $4,000, which will, in turn support film making in local community and give opportunities for those to one day to make blockbusters.

So far, we’ve just reached the $1,200 mark and still a long way to go as I continue my plight in pursuing the action film genre in Australia and finding new ways to connect with Asia.

To support, please visit www.indiegogo.com/hitgirls and pledge your donation to independent filmmaking and bold, cutting edge, and daring projects made by young people.

Below are some of the behind the scenes photos of what is being done so far. It has been an action packed, gruelling shoot and with such a great team, we’ve managed to pull it off. 

We still have at least two more days of filming and are in preparation for the community public screening in Dec 15 at the Fairfield Hotel. 

Also follow the team's movements via our facebook here: www.facebook.com/hitgirlsfilm

Big thanks to those INDIGOGO supporters to date: Amadeo Marquez Perez, Indigo Willing, Pearl Tan, Joey  Panuccio, Daniel Sanguineti, Somchay Phakonkham, Joy Hopwood, Julie Eckersley, Lina Kastoumis, Elizabeth Vu, Chris Gill, Scottie MacConachie, Kenrick Cheah, Michael Swannee, Betty Tran, Robert Clements, Hai Ha Le, Dat Huynh, David Minh Tam Nguyen, Yolandi Franken, Mike Kang, Rob Hammad, Joanna Wong, Matt Passow, Bill Giang

P.S - If you have any ideas on how I can raise the funds, please share them.

Lots of love, 

Maria Tran
0433 803 449

The filmmaking team

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