Monday, October 24, 2011

SEARCHING: Casting/ Research Coordinating for Cooking & Gardening Shows

Its been a bit of a juggle in the last few weeks from one job to another and this time I get my dibs in a bit of casting research for some potential shows for 2012. Craig Graham (producer of SBS "Adriano Zumbo" as well as the exec of "Once Upon A Time") has got me on board for the next gig which the details are all hush hush at the moment.

So what is casting research all about? We are like the middleperson, we find the talent that is need to fill the role of the TV show. The thing is, in the film production world, in one side you have the directors and producers and on the other the talent agencies. My role on board of this one is to search high and low and assemble a list of 10 unsigned potentials for consideration. Its a good mix of research as well, from "casting the net" through online research and directories to physical drop ins to organisations, businesses, schools so the range is diverse. On top of that, I'm a social bee and a big time problem solver so this line is work suits me.

So this is what I'm looking for:

In times like these, I only wished I did one of the above to get a chance. LOL!

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