Monday, January 11, 2010

WEDDING: Rebecca Thao Nguyen & Minh Nguyen

Written by: Joseph Hieu Dinh

9 January 2010

This is Vietlish's second wedding of 2010. Asked Bride and Groom how they met. Groom said: "Prank phone call in year 11". These very words already enough to stir up our facebook romance-fanatic friends:

"Aww OMG That's so bloody cute!"
(M. Tran, Bossley Park NSW)

"Haha Joseph, i am going to start prank calling asap! lol! "
(H. Lopez, Westminster USA)

"You can call me anytime, Helen."
(C. Le, Fountain Valley USA)

Bec thinks Minh is the cutest guy she's ever seen, while Minh absolutely adores Bec's "worldclass gardening skills." These high-school sweethearts had their wedding ceremony at Treillage Tower (Bicentennial Park) on 9 January 2009, followed by an intimate reception with family and close friends at Monte Carlo, Fairfield.

Highlights of the evening include digital storytelling presentation clips of the lovely couple, in-house performance of the bride's talented sister Vivian Nguyen, and the new Vietlish-Wedding Chirades game in which the Bride's team aced, thanks to Bec's super-expressive abilities.

First Dance: "Breathless"

Joseph Hieu Dinh & Groom (Minh) and bestmen Cao & James

Maria Tran & the Bride (Rebecca)
MC: Joseph Hieu Dinh & Maria Tran
Band: Vien Du
Singers: Quoc Dung, Cam Quynh, Vivian Nguyen

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