Sunday, October 18, 2009

"Rumble High" TV Series Meet

[L to R]: Meet the development Team; Marie Setiwan, Steve Ada, Jack Ngu, Andy Minh Trieu & Maria Tran

Date: Sunday, 18th October, 2009
Time: 8pm-10pm

Attendence: Maria Tran, Marie Setiwan, Jack Ngu, Steve Ada, Andy Minh Trieu & Vinh Nguyen.
Apologises: Timothy Ly.

Meet the "Rumble High" Writing Development Team; all young and aspiring and now given an opportunity of a lifetime to formulate a TV series for ABC3. The aftermath of TV - Micro Series in 2008 "Downtown Rumble" has sparked up interests for something more substantial, and of course, longer in duration with better character development and story development.

Prior to this meeting, Marie & Steve have undergoing much discussions and rationalisation of the character of this, now 26 episodes by 30 mins series. Marie has been managing relations with our producer-to-be Craig Anderson (writer/ director "Double the Fist"), meanwhile juggling between the graphics design of the pitch material, script development and continual idea formation.

Jack Ngu has always brought in a good sense of inquistions and raised vital questions of the logistics of how this project will translate on screen and whether the "kid" demographic will understand it.

Andy Minh Trieu, reminded us all of "budgets" and demostrated his abilities on the character in development "Zen" through a dialogue run through.

Vinh Nguyen, our latest recruit, was quick on the ball with tossing food for thought questions, and got everyone grounded in regards to the "make it happen" component.

Overall, a very good meeting and now we will be awaiting for the green light.

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