Thursday, January 9, 2014

NEW INITIATIVE: Fight Club @ Dong Tam Martial Arts Centre

It is happening and I'm super buzzed up about Thien Nguyen's (former World Martial Arts Champion turned personal trainer and occasional actor) initiative - Fight Club.

Early 2013 to mid August saw me a marshmallow blob of 60kgs and after some work with Thien I've dropped to a happy 53kgs and feeling great, healthy and wanting to do more in life.

Fight Club is definitely recommended for beginners to the advanced. It's not a fad and it's here to stay in Western Sydney and for our more-so scrawny or flabby contenders who want a life change with a new vessel to sport.  There's no excuses for not achieving your goals. 

The good thing about Fight Club is that that it's a collaborative team to ensure that the attendees get the right mental support in parallel with the physicality of the initiative. 

Our first session was a full house! We had over 20 enrolees who were all keen to break sweat over target nuts and undergoing cardio drills.

The  second session's details are below: 
Date: Tuesday, 21st January
Time: 7.45pm (please arrive at least 15mins earlier to sign in/register)
Location: 187 The Horsley Drive, Fairfield. (next to a green petrol station).
Cost: $15 for 1.5hr for session
Note: Parking is located near 103 Campbell St, Fairfield if the 187 location is full. 

Please wear comfortable gym/ sports wear, bring a bottle of water and a towel. 

For those newcomers, please contact Thien Nguyen on 0413 620 461

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