Monday, January 6, 2014

Malaysia Day #2

Another Char Kway Teo, duck, pork and sour plum juice. My first time trying the sour plum juice and it is so tasty! (All plates were roughly $2AUD).

Then I drop by the dentist to get a new set of retainers (for around $100 much cheaper).

We got dropped at Sunway Pyramid Shopping to take lame photos with fake horses that uncannily smelt like real horses. I swapped my Frozen yogurt craving for a soy bean non diary ice cream before relaxing with the movie "47 Ronin". I have to admit, for a movie that costed over $100 million to make, it was definitely a bomb. 

Anyhow, if you are a film buff, you should load up on movie watching is one of the highlights to Malaysia. It's cost $8 for two adults and I'm addicted to their caramel popcorn which is their staple popcorn flavor unlike the buttered salty kind back in Australia.

"Linner" (between lunch and dinner) swung by and we enjoyed an all-you-can-friggin' eat hotpot buffet for $25 for two person. Get this, only 1 RM for a plate of crab (that's 30c) as well as la la clams and other seafood items. I'm so seafood out that I'm suffering from my usual allergies. Urgh....

Came back home to Olive Residence, naughtily skipped the gym and headed for some Japanese fine dining. It was a sure break from hawker centre food (often too greasy) and much more classy and elegant. 

Day #2 of my Malaysian foodic adventures is over... One more day to go and I return back home to restrictions. 

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