Sunday, January 5, 2014

Malaysia Day #1

After an 8 hour flight via Air Malaysia, we've finally arrived to our destination. I slept for another 8 hours, woke up with a crook neck and then headed into town for some brunch at the local hawker centre. For 6 RM ($2) you can get a plate or authentic Char Kway Teo with cockles!

Char Kway Teo - my favorite dish!

An hour massage was definitely worth it and the shopping and more eating with Thai Tapas on the menu at F-Ying @ Rama V, Petaling Jaya.

Bitter Leaf self wraps. Super low carb and so refreshing!

This is Goi Cuon style with duck

Scallop appetizers

Salmon wraps

5pm came around and it's time to check-in to watch Jackie Chan's latest "Police Story 3". It was definitely not the usual Jackie style action, but the good drama was well worth the watch. 

More shopping by 7.30pm at Uniqlo for more training skins and an hour of gym session (30min jog in the South East Asian heat) just to work out the guilt. Then we returned back to the hawker's centre for more nom! Nom! Holiday living is the best!

Seafood dishes are served at dinner time at the hawkers centre

Trung choosing his stingray meats 

There's a yum cha stall and Trung just had to get some chicken feet.

Beef and lamb skewers with satay dipping.

Trung and his long time pal, Kon

My stingray dish

This was my favorite for the night: salted egg crab.

Food coma...

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