Saturday, November 24, 2012

UPDATES: Flying out to China for "Moving Target" Movie Pre-Production

Date: Tues, 20 November, 2012
Time: 6.43pm (Sydney Time)
Location: Qantas Business Class to Hong Kong.

It's been months since I last blogged, not out of laziness, but my days have been super speed and action packed, in the filmmaking sense as well!

So I must say, travelling is one of my highlight of experiences. Especially when I get to fly business! 8 hours of just peace, great gourmet meals, wonderful service, seats that roll into a bed and movies to catch up on.

Ok let's back track before I go forward to paint the picture of how everything in my life relates and is a continuum of non randomness, despite my "artsy and airy" approach to life.

I finished Screen NSW in September, made a test shoot using the RED Scarlet with "Enter The Dojo", work on 2 weeks on "Maximum Choppage" writing development with the Australian leading production house Matchbox Pictures at Universal Studios, got contracted out on various things such as delivering a marketing presentation for Penrith City Council, and workshop facilitating for ICE's Walk in My Shoe Project with Carramar Public School.

The biggest guerrilla thing that I've been preoccupied with is action comedy short film "Hit Girls" starring the lovely Juju Chan.

From concept to launch is a matter of 3 months and I'm amazed what fantastic work my filmic buddies (Adrian, Trung & Justin) can pull off. We are heading into post production as I write this, and prepping a major launch in Dec 21 when I get back.

So yes...I'm a busy bee... Always been but what am I doing in Hong Kong and China?

Through Antony Szeto that myself, Trung Ly and Joshua Tieu were offered the opportunity to be a part of the fight choreography team on Roger Corman's next China movie in the making called "Moving Target".

"Moving Target" is a remake with the one in 1996 starring karate champion Don "The Dragon" Wilson.

There are tons of fight scenes that the team can get busy with as well as figuring out gun shoot outs, hand to hand combat, props etc...

So I will be staying at Ace Studios for the next 2 weeks with daily training as well as fight choreography. Woot! Woot!

Catch up soon!


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